by Menz

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Throwaway is a growing collection of single tracks not meant for any particular projects. Just done for fun or the feels.


released September 16, 2016


all rights reserved



Menz Hobart, Australia

Green Apple Licorice, Meditating, Rap.

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Track Name: Confused (prod. Blunted Beatz)
I’m a hungry dreamer, I mean I haven’t eaten
Avid reader of faces, metaphor, cadence and hidden meaning,
My demeanor, in good nick like angry beavers
But hoodwinked and whisked away in winds and wasted weeping

I’m a mentor and beast creature, but can’t roar squeaking
Toss and turn in brief deep sleeps dreaming, Clenched teeth
irate and steaming, shaking like seizures, Cradle my grief and,
leaching what its teaching

it always seems to feature divas, and fleeting feelings,
and falling pieces, fuck my face is forming creases
Jesus, Grim reapers and reefer, my holy trinity tripping me
Bring me to my knees please give me amnesia

Heaving breathing off the meter just a teaser,
She showed me the light dark and the deepend, drowning,
So now I’m leaving, not sour but a powerless preacher,
Truth seeking, pounding the concrete with my sneakers.

I didn’t choose to be confused, and frankly, neither did you
Its beautiful, the things that people do. Don’t communicate
And choose the fate with screws loose.
Animal zoo doo, pin pricking each other voodoo

I’m going coo coo, and that’s my wake up call, to walk or talk,
A call on a walkie talkie, or back to drawing boards
Lost the score when I thought I was lord of all
Heart sore, brain stalling, when did we become a chore

But that’s the lesson, I imagine press ure
When in reality, shit, I just want the best for you,
But keep guessing what you’re thinking
Cant describe the distance, my survival mission,
turn around and flames extinguished

Pissed that my hearts a pumping piston,
Told you too soon, drunk and ambitious,
Didn’t stay present, so I busted Christmas,
Hugs and kisses, twisted and turned to missiles.

I’m so fucking confused,
On the hunt for the truth,
Just talk to me, just talk to me. X2
Track Name: Same Family (prod. Blunted Beatz)
We live in a world of machine washable minds
Hand me down hearts and bleached businessmen’s lies
Empires criticizing mankind’s cries
For cancerous cash and hack us down like pine

While the people writhe in plight the spineless fine dine
Alarm bells chime but they don’t chime right
Saying avert your eyes not look at the burdens size
So we don’t see, were just meat for the lions pride

A simba symbol, and why stop at owning pride rock,
Lets lock stock rob and make man our live stock
No individual, no lone Malcom middle man
Just a drone and missile to make them alone and crippled

Then not own the ripples, thumbs twiddle
Choose booze and nikels over the beneficial
Suicide rises, victims of the superficial
Then oops we’re in a pickle, and wonder why we feel belittled

CH x2
Unhand me,
cant brand me,
don’t understand me
we’re all part of the same family

We live in a world on a quest for cool,
Of Shut your mouth put your head down and go to school
Stained imaginations in cesspools of rules,
Grades and mates got us feeling a fool
carry the weight | Like a pack mule

they don’t explain the pain of living
or that you can ease it by creating change and giving
just taught waiting and sitting, to painfully listen
so when you get the dream you’re just tainted and bitter,

it doesn’t deliver, your whole life was filler,
a slow death in the reins of trained killers
Distracted by lights and holding your own trigger
Dig a grave to fall in then pass if off to your orphan children

You want a home? don’t build walls and ceilings
Release your tortured feelings
stall your porch and paint peeling
absorb the healing, don’t ignore your calling
Make your mission hates remission, and you’ll see it clearly.

CH x2
Unhand me,
cant brand me,
don’t understand me
we’re all part of the same family
Track Name: Masta Procrastinata (prod. Relim)
I’m awake at Eight, it’s going to be a great day
A day for choosing change, making tunes and break my chains
Go against the grain, no high Mary Jane and cruising paper plane
Ill pave the way, defuse the reign of pain reduce the shades of grey

Yelling yeah boy, like my name is Flavor Flav
wipe my eyes, rise, bathe, but aint escaped a change of fate
my stomach flutters, feeling something and my spine shudders,
check the window, bingo, someone laughing through the shutters

A Crash of thunder deadening, rash and senseless,
I checked the entrance and accidentally let the devil in.
and he don’t wanna talk like letterman he’s settling
I run ignore the clutter and half a dozen messages

He sees me, and cues a movie, frees a seat,
I plead leave me As I Am, so he played some Aleisha keys
This freaky genie, won’t let me make beats or CDs
Misleads legions till we become his trainees


He’s the one, who always stands in the way
He’s the one, saying you should wank five times today
He’s the one, you got passions, ahhh they can wait
Take a break mate you got a lot on your plate

He’s on your back when you’re out of the gate
Saying today aint the day brain fading away
Steers, interferes then disappears, magic like David Blane
Splitting creativity, wonder why this throwaway was late?

Some call him Satan some call him grim reaper,
Live or die? He won’t let you do either,
He’ll be there, if your breathing or hearts beating
And if you beat him, he’s there tomorrow cant delete him

Saying you aint good, then stealth’s your mental health,
Saying check your Facebook like everyone else,
He’s your filth element, we’re yelling please help,
But this is fight club, we’re at war with ourselves

Track Name: Cage (prod. Blunted Beatz)
I want a way to make the pain afraid,
the dates are changing, it’s apparent that ive stayed the same
or moving backwards, or too distracted to illuminate, the cage…

Relax your aperture, wanna shine but the price is labyrinth
lose sight of the calendar,
bad date like ends with a handshake, ate the Vi - a -g- ra
How did this happen, but, may be to do with the ham for lunch…
or the bag of drugs, knack for tugs, lack of hugs,
put on a smile and they lap it up.

I’m an actor love, by accident, come see the freak that’s spectacular
the robot, so caprica, that’s never sewn fabric up,
Schrodinger’s bastard son, happy and sad all packed as one
So I stack the blunts, go down with the ship el Capitan
from Tas capital, a bell end like the stem of a capsicum
sick of the fuck boys, Vatican
titans clash and I’m kraken/cracking up,
drums echo like toto Africa, penning crime like Agatha
pissed off like catheter, but ive had enough.

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